The Passion Pursuits: A Rebrand, A Restart

There are many things I wish I knew before embarking on so many various endeavors online. With the digital landscape giving everyone an instant sense of gratification, there seems to be that next big thing just looming around the corner. 

I started Pau Pursues Passion in 2017 when I thought I finally got everything planned out properly. The name clicked, that’s for sure. After hopping from one brand name to another that didn’t seem right or felt like it was too much a “spur of the moment” thought, “Pau Pursues Passion” sounded genius. 

It was, for a time — until fast-forward to this year, 2021, when the drive to put up my site again came back. All at once, it didn’t feel personal anymore. Sure, it held my name. My actual name. It held what I held dear — pursuing passions. 

But… what, then? I came to the point of realization that the old brand name, along with what was dear to me, also held things that were no longer relevant. It spoke of the days when I chased success too much, too fast. Those days meant being driven by the end goal and the end goal alone without giving importance to every step of the journey. 

At one point, I asked myself, “is a rebrand really necessary if my core essentially remains the same?” It took a while to come to terms with it that, yes, perhaps a rebrand is necessary. I wanted something to keep me anchored on the same-kind-of-different core, which is creating a brand that won’t be just about me this time. I want it to be for me and for those who are like me constantly pursuing passions, making the most out of life, and trying to find that balance of everything else in between.

I told myself that maybe, just maybe, if this endeavor goes beyond me this time, I wouldn’t give up on it as easily as I did with the old one. Maybe with my redefined version of success, this can absolutely work. 

This is the start of figuring out if those maybes can turn into reality. Frankly, I’m not sure which way we’re going this time. All I know is, the perspective is different now. It’s better, broader, and more purposeful.

I hope you’ll learn a thing or two from my blog. All I want is to have this safe space for me, and through it, it can be yours, too.

Cheers to writing, speaking, hosting, branding, gaming, and many more.

Cheers to purposeful passion pursuits.

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