Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar: Asia Pacific’s Best Historic Hotel, According to Historic Hotels Worldwide

Historic Hotels Worldwide recently hailed Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar in Bataan as the Best Historic Hotel in the Asia Pacific during an awarding held last November 11 at The American Club Resort Hotel in Wisconsin. The award-giving body honors over 300 historic locations worldwide in more than 45 locations, including castles, palaces, villas, and other lodgings that have any historical relevance. The awards recognize the efforts of hotels and resorts that showcase “innovative leadership, stewardship, and contribution to furthering the recognition, preservation, and celebration of these preeminent historic hotels and their histories.” Among the awards are Hotel Historian of the Year, Historic Hotelier of the Year, and Best Historic Resort.

As one who closely worked with the Las Casas team years ago and an avid fan of the place up until this day, here are the reasons why the award got me hyped up and emotional at the same time.

It Reangles What ‘Historical Tourism’ is in The Philippines

Taken from one of the Casas. I particularly loved this photo because it captured a lot of iconic Filipino elements.

‘Historical,’ especially in Philippine tourism, is often associated with concepts related to oppression (think Intramuros or Corregidor’s Hospital Ruins). With this recognition, it focuses the attention on the more artistic side. Las Casas boasts of the particular and meticulous way each ancestral house was reconstructed to create the Bagac resort we know (and love!) now.

It Gives Las Casas the Attention it Deserves

Inside Las Casas’ Hotel De Oriente with ALL NATURAL wood colors

Other than the piece-by-piece rebuilding of the ancestral homes, there are still many things within the 400-hectare property. The Workshop Tour will give the guests a glimpse of all that. As a teaser, here are just some of them:

  • The woodwork at Hotel de Oriente are all made in Las Casas
  • Each room’s walls are skillfully hand-painted 
  • Las Casas makes their own bricks

Owner Jerry Acuzar has also shared how tedious it can get to maintain such a unique Bataan accommodation. With the newfound attention and recognition, indeed, the hard work becomes more worth it. 

It Makes People Even More Excited

With the travel restrictions slowly easing up, everyone’s looking forward to having that next great adventure. Las Casas, in the past few years, has been commonly tagged as one of the “Instagrammable places in the Philippines,” “best photoshoot locations in the Philippines,” and anything else related to a unique travel experience. With the award, guests are more eager to look forward to what else the resort has in store for everyone. It can also gear Tourists from all over the world to recognize another aspect of Philippine travel. The scenic spots may not be the usual beaches or landscapes, but the historic resort itself is already a picturesque place.

Old photo taken using my smartphone. Chill sunset by Las Casas’ beachside.

Don’t worry, they have a fantastic beachside, too. 

It’s time to discover why the resort was rightfully given the prestigious international award! Las Casas has ongoing promos for the holidays and 2022 stays. Day tours and overnight accommodations are available. 

Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar

Personal note: this article is not sponsored by Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar. Everything stated here are purely my experiences and insights as one who used to write for them and one who used to frequently visit the property.

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